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About Us

About Us

Hi, I am Becky. Photographer and creator of LILITH.

Ever felt not good enough in your own skin? Ever felt like that a lot, for a really long period of time? 

Yeh, me too!

This is why I started LILITH, body-positive photography.

We all deserve to feel special, we should all know and accept our bodies for the gorgeous miracles they are.

As women we don't often have time for ourselves, we have so many roles to play, and so many people to show up for.

I am here to help you show up for yourself in a deep, meaningful, and genuinely impactful way!

Facilitating the personal growth of each of my clients, watching them start shy and nervous, to then unleash that inner goddess and surprise themselves by the strength, power, confidence, and beauty they had trained themselves not to see.

That is my superpower and my passion. 
What I do, is a dream come true.

What dream can I help you with?



Simon Prince
Rebecca Lisney

Hello, I am Simon.

Photographer at Lilith!

I started out as a landscape and nature photographer, but have always felt very passionately about mental health and wellbeing.

Self-image is something that can make the world of difference to everyone and I love getting to help make people feel confident and beautiful.

Hi, Becky again!

Creator of Lilith body-positive photography!

I have been doing photography for over 10 years.

It started as a hobby taking pictures of insects and flowers, looking for the little things we often miss or think of as ugly. I LOVE to capture the beautiful things and bring them out for all to see.


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Body Positive Photography

Tel: 07814 222 735


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